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What is a Guided Separation™ in Australia?

The Separation Guide has created a service called a Guided Separation to help couples who want to manage their costs when they are going through separation or divorce.

Often a person who is separating, despite obvious disagreements, tensions and stress will say:

“I just want to be treated fairly. I want my spouse to be treated fairly. But I don’t know what ‘fairness’ is? That’s how we both feel. We want to move on fairly.”


“We want the best for each other but don’t know what that looks like? We don’t want to go to war and spend a fortune, but we do want what’s fair.”

If these are the circumstances then a Guided Separation could work for you.

This is how the lawyers and mediators in The Separation Guide Network conduct a Guided Separation, noting our mediators are also legally qualified:


  1. Answer any questions the couple have together or individually
  2. Gather all relevant information – we ask the couple to fill out a detailed questionnaire. This can be completed either together or separately.
  3. Provide a range of fair equitable outcomes – we look at the facts of your matter and offer advice on what a fair and equitable range of outcomes could be if you did end up in court.
  4. Mediate with and between the couple to reach an agreement in the fair and equitable range on property, parenting, child support and maintenance matters.
  5. Facilitate the legal instruments (consent orders for parenting and property plus conveyancing) you need to affirm the agreement and make it binding.


Why do Guided Separations work well?

Guided Separations work well because they focus on fair and equitable settlement, are designed to deescalate and not escalate and will keep costs down if couples remain amicable. And if this doesn’t happen, then the Guided Separation is terminated and the parties commence a more adversarial process. Most Guided Separations (including step 5) cost between $5,000 and $15,000 which is split between the parties.


How much does Guided Separation cost?

See our helpful diagram showing the costs and timeline for the different ways to settle your divorce. With recent stats from Money Magazine stating the average costs is between $50,000 – $100,000 if couples need to proceed to court, the Guided Separation offers an appealing alternative to couples who wish to keep costs down and move on quickly.


How much does guided separation cost diagram