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Guided Separation

Guided Separation lets you and your partner stay in control of your separation. It’s where you work together to reach a Separation Agreement that is fair for your situation. You have the support of an impartial legally-qualified Mediator called a Guide. They facilitate the difficult conversations and guide you on the law.

Guided Separation works best when there is

  • sufficient goodwill between you
  • open and honest sharing of all financial information
  • a mutual desire to achieve a fair and equitable outcome.

How is Guided Separation different?

Guided Separation is a form of evaluative mediation with a unique approach that delivers cost-effective and timely agreements. It’s different to standard private mediation or one you might receive through Relationships Australia. The Guides in our Network are practising legally-qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners.

They have the qualifications to provide legal advice to the mediation plus the experience to keep you both calm and on the same page.

This means you don’t need to work with a private mediator AND separate lawyers in your agreement stage, which is proven to save you time, money, stress, and the potential for your matter to escalate.

How does Guided Separation work?

Guided Separation works by creating a straightforward process that supports you both in reaching agreement.

  1. You both create the agenda of topics important to you and your future, which becomes the first draft of your Separation Agreement.
  2. Your Guide examines your unique circumstances and offers advice on what a fair and equitable range of outcomes could be based on legal precedence.
  3. Your Guide mediates between you to reach an agreement in the fair and equitable range on property, parenting, child support and maintenance matters.
  4. You complete the process with a holistic Separation Agreement covering everything you need to move on.

Guided Separation mediation is adapted to suit you both. It can be done in joint meetings or by shuttling between you, in person or remotely, depending on the style that will help you communicate and achieve your desired outcomes.

How does Guided Separation compare to the typical divorce process?

How much does Guided Separation cost?

We offer a fixed cost of $3000.00 plus GST per person for simple matters. A fixed cost can give you certainty and the confidence to plan. The majority of our mediations are this price and are usually completed within 10 -16 weeks. Your Guide will advise you in your first meeting if your case is particularly complex – for example if you have a complex asset pool.

Guided Separation includes:

  • a free initial consultation
  • evaluative mediation sessions with a legally-qualified Mediator
  • an individual pre-mediation meeting to assess your needs and goals
  • Getting on the Same Page tables, which form the basis of your negotiation
  • support and legal advice throughout the mediation to guide you to a fair outcome
  • your Heads of Agreement document ready to be converted into legally binding instruments
  • access to templates and tailored content to keep you informed
  • connection to other professionals who can support all aspects of your separation
  • ongoing Separation Support sessions with your Separation Consultant.

Guided Separation does not include your consent orders or submission to the Family Courts. We connect you both with independent lawyers to draft your agreement into legally binding documents.

This stage usually ranges from $1500 to $3000 plus GST per person for simple orders.

Why use lawyers in The Separation Guide Network to complete the orders?

Lawyers in our Network work collaboratively to document your backend orders. That means they work together with you, your Mediator and your partner’s lawyer to finalise the documentation phase and lodge your application to the Court.

Their pricing is aligned with standard industry fees and they have signed our Ethical Charter with a focus on Court as a last resort.

You can have confidence that they understand the Guided Separation approach and provide their independent opinion on fairness without the risk of untangling the agreement you have made.

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What people are saying about Guided Separation

“Non-judgemental, professional, compassionate and I felt like we would be able to settle without too much drama because of the knowledge and experience of the mediator.”

Troy, QLD

“It’s been a far easier process than what was anticipated and truly, it’s a credit. to people like yourself and Jack in knowing how sensitive the whole process can be. Being given clear and succinct direction in such practical matters has made a big difference to the process.”

Alice, NSW

“Thank you so much for all of your help during this process. The Separation Guide and your guided mediation suited our needs perfectly and we really appreciate your patience and expertise through what could have been a far more trying time.”

Cara, VIC

“The Separation Guide has been wonderful in explaining what seemed like a daunting process and helped us get to a fair and equitable outcome.”

Shane, NSW