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Co-parenting Apps

A co-parenting app is designed to simplify life for separated or divorced parents by helping them manage the day-to-day shared responsibility of raising their children.

Many separated parents find that using a co-parenting app can empower them to create a smooth and organised co-parenting experience, giving their children a happier and more stable environment.


When do I need a co-parenting app?

You might consider using a co-parenting app in several situations:

Busy or dynamic schedules Do you and your ex struggle to keep track of multiple child schedules, appointments, and birthdays? Perhaps you have a flexible approach to shared care that is not always regular week to week. A co-parenting app can streamline your calendars and avoid confusion.

Desire for improved communication Even if co-parenting is relatively amicable, a co-parenting app can still be beneficial. These apps offer features to streamline communication and keep everything organised and in one place.

Long-distance co-parenting Do you live far from your co-parent? A co-parenting app can help bridge the physical distance by providing a central location to share information and communicate.

Reducing co-parent conflict If you are looking to improve communication with your ex-partner for the benefit of your children, or if your relationship is strained or argumentative, a co-parenting app can provide a neutral platform. Some have tools designed to help you both communicate better. It can also benefit privacy if you want to remove or block your former partner from other contact methods.

Court-ordered agreements If you have a court-ordered custody agreement, some co-parenting apps can help you track and document adherence.

Ultimately, co-parenting apps are tools that help make co-parenting smoother and more efficient. If you would like to improve communication, organisation, or any other aspect of co-parenting, then a co-parenting app might be a good solution for you.

What are the benefits of using a co-parenting app?

Prioritise clear communication Ensure your children’s needs are always met by keeping communication open and transparent with your co-parent. Co-parenting apps provide a safe and documented platform for all discussions.

Simplify co-parenting challenges Juggling schedules, expenses, and information sharing can be overwhelming, even before separation. Using a custom app streamlines your calendars, keeps track of finances, and stores important documents in one place.

Reduce conflict and increase cooperation Co-parenting apps help avoid misunderstandings and disagreements by providing a clear and organised system for managing co-parenting responsibilities.

Provide stability in a time of upheaval Using all the features of a co-parenting app can create a consistent and organised routine for your children, even amidst a family transition and show your kids you’re committed to working together for their wellbeing.

Peace of mind for co-parents An app designed to take the guesswork out of co-parenting allows you to focus on what truly matters—spending quality time with your children. This reduces stress and creates a more positive co-parenting dynamic.

What kind of features can I expect in my co-parenting apps?

Shared calendar This allows parents to easily view and manage their custody schedule, including regular exchanges and appointments for the children.

Secure messaging Co-parents can communicate with each other through the app, ensuring all messages are documented and time-stamped. Some apps offer privacy features like video calling without revealing phone numbers.

Document storage Important documents related to custody agreements, medical records, and school information can be stored securely in one place accessible to both parents.

Expense tracking This helps parents track shared expenses related to the children, such as childcare, medical bills, and extracurricular activities. Some apps allow for secure payment requests and transfers within the app.

Meet the co-parenting app in our network

amicable co-parent organiser

amicable, the co-parenting app designed by co-parents, can help you organise daily life and navigate this new chapter while prioritising the well-being of your children.

The Separation Guide customers receive an exclusive free two-month trial subscription to experience the benefits of the amicable co-parent organiser.

amicable co-parenting app preview image


Why use amicable to streamline your co-parenting

Built by and for separated parents, the amicable app offers features specifically designed to streamline communication, organisation, and collaboration, reducing conflict and confusion.

Crystal-clear communication amicable’s secure messaging keeps everything organised and documented, preventing misunderstandings.

No more scheduling headaches Manage all child and pet schedules, appointments, and birthdays in one convenient, central location.

Shared goals, achieved together Set shared or private goals to stay focused on what matters most – raising happy kids. Choose from pre-written suggestions or create your own unique goals.

Conflict resolution, not escalation Unlike other apps focused solely on enforcing court orders, amicable fosters cooperation, keeping your family out of court.

Everything in one place Securely store your child’s key information, messages, and calendar events, all easily accessible to both parents.

Expert support at your fingertips Access valuable resources and guides to help you navigate the co-parenting journey.

Frequently asked questions about the amicable co-parenting organiser app

“Is amicable secure?” Absolutely. amicable prioritises your child’s privacy. All data and conversations are stored securely, with pin-protected access limited to authorised parents.

“Can’t I just use a regular calendar?” amicable goes beyond basic calendars. Create individual profiles for each child and pet, manage all their schedules in one place, and store your ongoing shared care arrangements.

“What’s wrong with WhatsApp?” While convenient, WhatsApp and other messaging services lack features specifically designed for co-parenting. amicable keeps child-related communication secure, private, separate and organised. Messages are time-stamped and can’t be deleted, promoting clear and accountable communication.

“Is there a free option?” amicable offers a generous two-month free trial to The Separation Guide customers (normally one month). Experience the app’s benefits risk-free, and cancel anytime if you’re not satisfied.

“Why amicable over other co-parenting apps?” Unlike other apps focused solely on enforcing court orders, amicable fosters positive communication and collaboration. Reduce conflict, work together more effectively, and keep your family out of court.

“What if we share care for a pet and don’t have kids?” You don’t need to have children to benefit from the features. amicable is perfectly suited to managing the shared communication around scheduling, financial arrangements and documentation that comes with sharing a beloved pet after separation.

“Do we both have to buy the app?” One person purchases the amicable subscription and invites the other parent. You don’t need their buy-in to purchase something together; you can take control.

Invest in a smoother co-parenting experience. Download amicable today and start building a more positive, collaborative co-parenting experience for your family.


What people are saying about amicable

“So relieved to have found this app, it’s exactly what we needed. It has already been a huge help for me and my ex.”

“This app has helped us see things from a different view, and hopefully our child is better off as a result”



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