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Family Law Finance

Are you currently going through a separation and worried about how to pay for legal advice and other related expenses? A relationship breakdown can be more difficult if you feel you can’t access help. Family law finance exists to level the legal playing field and relieve some of your financial worries.

What is family law finance?

Family Law financing is a special type of credit designed to help you pay for expenses related to family law matters. It can provide you with the upfront funds you need to get the right advice to negotiate your settlement with confidence, and unlike a traditional loan, you only repay once it’s over.
It’s there to help you cover all of the costs associated with the legal process. That includes third-party costs, such as your barrister, expert and court fees, if required.

How is family law finance different from other borrowing?

Unlike a standard personal loan or a credit card, this type of finance is specifically designed to support you through a difficult stage in your life.

Some important differences are:

  • you have a line of credit rather than receiving a lump sum payment
  • your credit limit is based on your expected settlement rather than your current ability to pay
  • funds are paid directly to your service providers rather than to your account
  • there are no upfront or ongoing repayments or fees
  • you only pay interest on what you use
  • applying for approval won’t affect your credit score
  • you repay the entire balance only once you’ve received your property settlement.

Who is eligible for family law finance?

Family law finance is asset-based lending secured against your expected settlement amount. It’s available if your matter has a division of property. As long as you have a property split, you can also use it to pay for parenting matters.

Providers look at your asset pool a bit differently from the courts. Not all property is counted – for example, superannuation isn’t included because it’s unlikely that you can repay your line of credit from it. The main things a provider will look at are:

  • your home or any investment properties
  • funds held in trust.

Ultimately, family law finance can help you focus on what’s important – finding the right advice and achieving a fair outcome – without the added financial burden of paying for it upfront.

Meet the funders in our Network

JustFund is Australia’s only dedicated family law finance provider. What sets the JustFund team apart from other legal finance providers is their expertise in family law and the complexities of separation. They understand separation is stressful and financially challenging, and they take pride in providing quality service and treating clients with respect and support.

Some other JustFund differences:

  • check your eligibility with JustFund before you hire a lawyer
  • apply for funding for unpaid legal fees
  • primary caregiving or part-time employment doesn’t exclude borrowing
  • apply even if you’re not on the property title, or you have already sold a property, and your funds are held in trust
  • pay only from the proceeds you receive from your property settlement
  • apply for a minimum $5,000 and up to 25% of your expected settlement value
  • in-house family lawyers assess your eligibility based on their understanding of the law.

JustFund’s financing options exist so you can focus on achieving a better outcome with the financial resources you need. Get peace of mind to seek legal advice by checking your eligibility.

Check eligibility

Enquiring with JustFund won’t affect your credit score, and there’s never any obligation to apply if you receive a pre-approval. Read more in JustFund’s Borrower Guide.

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What people are saying about JustFund

“You have been such an amazingly supportive and understanding lender. Your helpful, friendly service was so appreciated.” Leah

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“Simply put, JustFund was invaluable and I couldn’t have gotten there without your support. Thank you for everything!” Scott