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Our Story

We started The Separation Guide after seeing friends and family suffer through long and drawn-out separations, damaging their relationships and denting their finances.

Much of the language in family law is around fighting and escalation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The key is for people to have access to the right information as early in the process as possible.
Without this, they can be at risk of spending too much time and money, all of which adds to the stress of separation and divorce.

Our interactive Q&A is the starting point.

It’s designed to explain the process, suggest next steps and connect people with the experts they might need for their circumstances.

Our free resource hub is also packed with videos, podcasts and templates that help demystify separation.
We don’t provide advice because everyone’s situation is unique.

Instead, we have created a strong network of experts from across Australia who can support people through their separation — including Mediators, Family Lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, psychologists and counsellors.
They all share our commitment to open communication and Court as a last resort.

Since launching in October 2019, we’ve helped over 441,161 people.

Let us know if we can help you too.

Angela Harbinson, Co-founder

Angela Harbinson of The Separation Guide

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The key is for people to have access to the right information as early in the process as possible.

Which path could be right for you?

Our confidential 3-minute quiz is designed to give you next steps and connect you with the people and services you need.
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Co-founder Angela Harbinson
About the Co-founder

Angela Harbinson is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Separation Guide.

Throughout her career she has owned and operated multiple consulting businesses. Angela has also worked as a marketer for professional services firms in the legal, accounting and banking sectors. She is a strategist and an experienced operations manager with a strong track record for delivering for clients, leading high performing teams and building a culture that focuses on purpose.

Like many others, she has seen family and friends go through terrible break-ups and saw this as a process that was ripe for disruption. Her goal is to create something that will positively impact society by changing the way people experience separation.

‘This project aims to reduce the complexity of divorce and separation, stripping legal jargon and making it easier to navigate this challenging time in people’s lives. I am delighted to be a part of it and really hope it helps a lot of people through the maze.’