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Separation Support

Separation and divorce can feel like a world of ‘I don’t know’ and ‘what if?’ Separation Support reduces the stress of the unknown and gives you clarity about your next steps so you can move forward.

We understand that your situation is unique. But having helped thousands of people going through separation, we also know the key landmark moments most people go through on their separation journey.

What is Separation Support?

Separation Support lets you talk through your situation with an impartial separation expert, giving you practical guidance on your options and peace of mind that you are on the right track.

For a fraction of the cost of a lawyer, our Consultants can answer many of your questions about navigating the system of separation and divorce in Australia. They’ll let you know when it’s the right time to engage legal and financial professionals.

We’ll break down your complex situation and help you find the smoothest path through.

When do I need Separation Support?

You can book Separation Support at any stage of your journey. Sessions can help you if you’re considering separation or already separated.

Speak with a Separation Consultant if you need:

  • to talk through the practicalities with someone impartial
  • information specific to your situation on how to separate and get divorced in Australia
  • advice about having ‘the discussion’ or telling your children
  • support if your partner has told you they want to separate
  • help in choosing a legal representative or other separation professionals
  • support getting your partner on board with a particular separation pathway
  • reassurance about what you’re going through
  • some clarity on your next step and to know when to take action.

Can we both speak with the same Separation Consultant?

Yes. Your Consultant is impartial, and your sessions are confidential.

Sometimes it’s easier for separating couples when we speak to both of you – it may help if you both hear the facts from a third party. You hear the same information and feel equally in control.

You can book one-on-one or both together if you feel comfortable. Some couples prefer to book the bundle of three to speak to their Consultant separately before having a final joint session.

The sessions cost the same if it is one or both of you.

Meet Arabella, our Senior Separation Consultant

Your options

Separation Support

Sometimes you need to check-in and get guidance on your next step.

In one 45-minute phone session, your Separation Consultant will:

  • listen to your unique situation
  • pinpoint where you’re at on your journey
  • assess your needs and goals
  • provide tailored recommendations to give you clarity about your next step so you can move forward
  • send you an email summary with resources and actionable steps after your session.


One 45-minute session

Separation Support +

Separation is a journey. Things happen along the way which change your needs and goals.

In three 45-minute phone sessions, your Separation Consultant will:

  • tailor each meeting to fit your changing situation, working at a pace that suits you
  • break your journey into manageable steps, ensuring you don’t feel overwhelmed
  • support you through your next separation landmarks
  • follow-up and debrief with in-between session email support.

You can book this bundle once or more if you need ongoing support.


Three 45-minute sessions

Please note that bookings are non-refundable if cancellation occurs within 24 hours of your scheduled session.

Separation Support is impartial and confidential and does not include legal or financial advice. Your consultant can let you know the right time to speak with professionals. All professional advice is provided by members of our Network who hold professional qualifications in their fields of expertise.

What people say about Separation Support

“Going through complex relationship breakup it can often seem like there’s no help out there. This service has given me the opportunity to explore my options without the uncertainty of financial burden, and with incredible empathy and support. I wouldn’t have been strong enough to take the next steps without speaking with my assigned Consultant and I’m so grateful services like this exist.”

Georgie, SA

“When separating there is so much to worry about, consider and be overwhelmed by, especially with emotions running high. Arabella is the calming reason that gives the clear path and the support to take each step forward into a future with possibilities and certainty.”

Tanya, NSW

“Thank you for providing me with a sympathetic and patient ear, and handing me over to the correct next step. I’ve tried reaching out to both Relationships Australia and 1800 Respect in the past but have been unable to proceed to the next steps.”

Paul, VIC

“I saw a noticeable difference after your session with my partner in the way he is speaking to me and discussing our assets. It is a huge weight off my chest to know that he is now entering this with fairness in mind – it’s so much easier.”

Melanie, NSW