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Your starting point for a better separation

The Separation Guide is your independent guide to separation and divorce in Australia.

We support you from start to finish, helping to make your separation simpler, more manageable and less stressful. We aim to give you confidence to make the right decisions for your future.

Wondering where you are on your separation journey? We’ll help you understand your options and take your next step.

Your first step

Why take the Q&A?

Every breakup and separation is different. If we can understand the challenges of your situation, we can tailor our guidance to your needs. When you complete our 3‑minute interactive Q&A, we deliver:

Access your personalised Support Hub and talk to a Separation Consultant
Your pathway
Your pathway
Find the separation agreement pathway that’s right for your situation
Connect with trusted legal, financial, property and other support professionals
Receive tailored checklists and resources to help you navigate your separation

Our Mission

There’s a better way to separate

The Separation Guide is an independent social enterprise created to be the central hub of information and support for anyone experiencing separation in Australia.

We can guide you through an amicable or high-conflict separation. We help you find the right path without escalating tension and costing more than it has to. We want to get you through so you can move on with your life.

The Separation Guide has already helped thousands of Australians through their divorce or separation.

Find out how we can help you.

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Our Network Members

All from people you can trust

The Separation Guide has brought together a nationwide network of specialist legal, financial and wellbeing professionals who can guide you through the entire process. We connect you with the right people for your situation.

Our trusted independent experts are committed to:

  • demystifying the separation process
  • fair and transparent fees
  • the highest levels of professional conduct
  • giving you more control over your separation
  • de-escalation and Court as a last resort.

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Are you a professional who shares our values?

Network of specialistsNetwork of specialists

Our network is committed to getting people through the maze as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

This driving purpose has helped many couples to reduce their separation costs, led to faster settlements, reduced stress and at the same time, is easing pressure on the Family Court system.

If you share our values and have a family law practice, accounting firm, financial services practice, psychology practice or offer other separation support services, we’d like to hear from you.

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