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Our purpose is to make separation and divorce simpler, more manageable and less expensive.

This 5 minute Q&A explains the divorce or separation process in simple terms to save you time, money and stress.

The Q&A is free, confidential and gives you the steps and resources suitable to your needs. At the end you can access a consultation with one of our legally trained mediators.

We specialise in online and phone advising so we continue to provide our full range of mediation services during this period of uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

The purpose

Faster, less costly resolution, outside of the courts

For most matters, we believe that decisions made by the couple will achieve the best outcome.

The Separation Guide delivers you information, tools, and a trusted network of specialists to help you along the way.

All from someone you can trust

The Separation Guide was established to guide you through the separation maze.

Our Lawyers and Mediators are Australian Government accredited as specialist Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and are legally qualified.

We provide mediation and guided separation services to reduce time, cost and stress by settling matters out of court where appropriate to do so.

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And we connect you to a network of specialists to support you providing the right information at the right time.

Network of specialistsNetwork of specialists

We are growing a network of specialists across Australia to guide and support people who are separating or divorcing.

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Guiding you through the maze

To find out the right steps, processes and services suitable for your circumstances, start the interactive Q&A now.

Based on your answers you’ll receive an email at the end outlining your options and suggesting the next steps.

Start the interactive Q&A now