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Divorce Coaching

Separation and divorce can be extremely overwhelming, and you may be at your lowest emotional point. It’s also a time when you must make critical decisions about family, finances and property that affect your life now and into the future.

Many people going through separation and divorce choose to engage a divorce coach to help them through this challenging time.

What is a divorce coach?

A divorce coach is someone you engage for one-on-one support to help with aspects of your separation and your new life. They provide emotional and practical guidance and support. Depending on their background, they may offer support around the family law system, financial literacy and independence, positive parenting or mental health challenges.

Divorce coaches have expertise in separation and divorce and in-depth knowledge of what you’re going through. They can reassure you and answer questions about your situation. Your divorce coach is your ally and will have your back.

Meet the coaches in our Network

Danielle Black
Specialist Strategic Separation and Divorce Coach

Danielle Black is a specialist Divorce Coach who helps women navigate separation, divorce and co-parenting with a controlling partner or former partner. Her international coaching certification and extensive lived experience help her understand what clients are going through. Danielle is passionate about supporting women to create safety and security for themselves and their children from a foundation of courage, strength, hope and strategy.

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Leanne Kanzler
Divorce and Break-Up Coach

Leanne Kanzler is a registered Psychologist and Divorce and Break up Coach. Her personal and professional experience offers valuable insight to those experiencing trauma, relationship issues and separation. Leanne sees both women and men in her practice. She is particularly interested in helping men struggling with the effects of separation, helping them understand their emotions, connect with their children, friends and family and build a relationship with themselves.

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Why should I hire a divorce coach?

Whether you’re married or de facto, considering separation or already separated, you can benefit from the services of a divorce coach if you:

  • are feeling stressed and overwhelmed – a divorce coach can give you the clarity you need to work through your problems
  • want to save money – a divorce coach’s hourly rate is lower than a lawyer or mediator, so address your practical and emotional issues with your coach and deal with the legal issues with your lawyer
  • need peace of mind – the expert guidance of a divorce coach can give you confidence that you’re making rational and empowered decisions
  • want someone to turn to for emotional support – if you’re doing it tough or trying to support children through a family break-up, a divorce coach can help by providing you with the support you need
  • want to save time – A divorce coach can streamline everything you need to achieve rather than you trying to piece together a separation plan
  • have decision fatigue – a divorce coach can keep you on track and focused on the right issues at the right time
  • need a sanity check – your divorce coach is there to answer your questions and let you know that what you’re going through is normal.

What does a divorce coach do?

A divorce coach could help you:

  • know what decisions you need to make and when you need to make them
  • understand your immediate and long-term needs
  • identify upcoming challenges and be prepared to face them
  • navigate the family law system
  • advocate for yourself in your settlement negotiations with confidence and conviction
  • respond to your spouse in a way that won’t escalate conflict
  • tell your children about your separation, recognise the impacts on them and prioritise what’s best for them
  • develop a parenting plan and arrange child support
  • navigate evolving co-parenting arrangements
  • cope with your emotions, manage your anger or deal with fear about your future
  • look after your physical and mental health and develop self-care strategies
  • communicate with your employer or assist you in re-entering the workforce
  • build self-confidence and envision your new life after separation and divorce.

Divorce coaches don’t provide legal or financial advice. You should always speak to a registered lawyer or financial advisor.

How is divorce coaching different to Separation Support?

Separation Support helps you navigate the immediate practical next steps of your separation. Our separation consultants can listen to your unique circumstances, outline your options and recommend the professional services you should speak to next.

You work with your divorce coach for a more extended period. They can personally guide you through your separation journey to the other side and help you reach your longer-term goals. They often provide an in-depth structured program you work through with them. Others take a more tailored approach to help you through.

How do I choose a divorce coach?

Most divorce coaches offer online consultations Australia-wide – you’re not restricted to a coach in your immediate area. The divorce coach you choose will depend on your needs and preferences and how you resonate with their program.

Coaches come from a variety of backgrounds and offer a variety of programs. You may prefer a coach with finance or family law expertise or someone with a counselling or psychology background.

List the aspects of divorce coaching mentioned in this article that are most important to you. Most divorce coaches offer a free initial consultation. Ask them about their service to ensure they will meet your needs and that you’re aligned with each other. It’s vital to feel a sense of trust.

How to find a Divorce Coach

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