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The Separation Guide Support Hub

So many things need your attention during separation – it all adds up. Many people tell us that they find it useful to have a systematic approach during this tough time.

What is The Separation Guide Support Hub?

We’ve created a Support Hub platform as a central location to step you through your separation. Your Support Hub is a comprehensive resource centre that provides step-by-step checklists, tools and information and connects you to ethical, trusted professionals. It’s all in one place so you have peace of mind that you know what to do and you can move at a pace that suits you.

We understand that separation touches many parts of your life. Finding a path through the maze and knowing what to do next isn’t easy. We’ve taken great care to streamline the tasks in separation, making it easy to access everything you need.

Key features of your Support Hub

Your personal pathway: We’ve tailored your plan to suit you based on the information you gave us in your Q&A.
Centralised information: The Support Hub is your one-stop platform, putting your resources and professional recommendations in one place.
Step-by-step guidance: Checklists let you move through as quickly or as slowly as you need and track your progress.
Timely professional advice: Meeting providers after you’ve had the time to prepare helps you save time and cost.

How do I use the Support Hub?


How do I access my Support Hub?

Complete the Q&A. Tell us about your situation with our three-minute questionnaire, and we can tailor the Support Hub to your needs.

Start the Q&A

The Separation Guide aims to make separation and divorce simpler, more manageable and less stressful. To learn more about how one of our Network Members could support your separation, take our free three-minute Q&A.

The information in our resources is general only. Consider getting in touch with a professional adviser if you need legal, financial or well-being support.