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Preparing your finances for divorce or separation

With financial pressures mounting in every area of life during Coronavirus pandemic it is likely this could be causing a strain on your relationship too. If you do find your relationship has hit the end of the road it opens the complicated task of separating your finances from one another. Although you might start out negotiations with the best intentions it’s easy for the conversation to get heated and for emotions to take over, especially given the current market environment and fear of the unknown.

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The article will cover:

  • financial stress and separation
  • preparing your finances for separation
  • separating during a pandemic and current market
  • how an adviser can help.
We are proudly partnered with The Separation Guide who can help guide you through the complete separation process, they also advocate for couples to find a way through separation without forcing each other into the courts, potentially saving them both from additional scrutiny and cost.
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Pool of Assets Calculator

The Separation Guide's Pool of Assets Calculator is designed to help you identify and value the assets, superannuation and liabilities in your relationship.

Pool of Assets Calculator


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How much does it cost to get a divorce or separate?

A guide to the options available for a divorce or separation in Australia, including timelines and average costs.

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