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We provide dispute resolution services to reduce time, cost and stress on you. These services are called Guided Separation™ and mediation.

Guided Separation™ and mediation scale

Benefits of Guided Separation™ and mediation

In these processes you and your partner are both in charge. In a courtroom the Judge is in charge, and it can take years of time, money and stress before you even get to Court.

That’s why for most matters, we believe that informed decisions made by you, your partner and your advisors will achieve the best outcome.

As a general rule, the more fair and equitable you can be the simpler, easier and less expensive the whole process will be.

What is Guided Separation™ and mediation?

If successful, both keep you out of the courtroom.

Guided Separation™
Guided Separation™ involves a trained, independent expert helping you and your partner reach an outcome together under your instructions.
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Guided Separation™
Mediation is where you and your partner have your own independent legal advisors who work with a Mediator to reach an outcome.
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We are growing a network across Australia

We provide mediation and Guided Separation™ services Australia-wide. We can connect you with other specialists you may need through our growing network.

Step by step, we’re here with you, providing the right advice at the right time.

The Separation Guide is growing a network of advisors across Australia

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If you share our values and motivation to try and assist people through this difficult time then get in touch with us.

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All Network Members are signatories to The Separation Guide Ethical Charter.

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