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Video: Message from the founder

Co-founder Jack Whelan discusses why The Separation Guide exists and how it can help make divorce cheaper, more manageable and less expensive.


Video Transcript: Message from the founder

G’day, I’m Jack Whelan and welcome to The Separation Guide. It’s a business I’ve se tup because I’ve watched many friends and some family go through very difficult separations and divorces, and often the process can make it what is a very tough time, even tougher. It costs too much money, it takes too much time, and it creates too much stress.

As a lawyer and a mediator and someone accredited by the Commonwealth Government of Australia to help couples separate, it shouldn’t be this difficult and that’s why The Separation Guide exists.

It’s a one-stop-shop and it’s a guide that helps you through the maze that is separation and divorce by linking you to the right processes and the right services to help you through this very very difficult time. So read all the information on the site, answer the interactive Q and A, find out which process best suits you, contact us and we’ll help you through.