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Getting separated: what short-term arrangements do you need to make?

The Family Court of Australia makes the observation that separation can be one of the toughest periods in your life. That it’s a time when you need help and information.

Most people admit feeling the worst they have ever felt in their life.

Grief, where you feel the loss of an important part of your life, may be the reason for this.

If you separate, you may experience the following different stages of grief:

  • shock and denial that it is really happening
  • anger and blaming your former partner or another person
  • sadness and depression
  • moving forward – acceptance and adjustment to your new life

Talking to friends and family can help you sort out your feelings.

Trained help may assist you and your children cope better with the changes. This depends on your circumstances.

Think on these practical questions:

  • where will your children live and who will take care of them?
  • how you and your former partner will support yourselves and your children?
  • what, how and when you will tell the children, other family members and friends and your employer?
  • who will pay outstanding bills or debts?
  • who will stay in the house?
  • how will the rent or mortgage be paid?
  • what will happen to any joint bank, building society or credit union accounts?
  • what will happen to the house, car, furniture and other property?


The Separation Guide aims to make separation and divorce simpler, more manageable and less stressful. To find out more about how one of our Network Members could support your separation, take our free 3-minute Q&A.

The information in our resources is general only. Consider getting in touch with a professional adviser if you need support with your legal, financial or wellbeing needs.