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What does mediation cost?

The cost of mediation will vary depending on your individual circumstances. However the average cost of using a Mediator from The Separation Guide is $7,200, or $3,600 for each party. This typically includes:

  • pre–mediation meetings (2 hours)
  • Mediator preparation (2 hours)
  • a 4-hour mediation session (average time required)
  • a post-mediation debrief and a check-in after 4 weeks (1 hour)

The fees are $500 per hour ($250 for each party) which includes all of the Mediator’s fees, room hire, all paperwork and lodgements and food and beverages on the mediation day/s.If you are considering participating in mediation, The Separation Guide will help determine your needs based on your circumstances, and agree on the cost with you.

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