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How can the agreements be enforced?

Emma Mead

Managing Director, Burke Mead

Emma is an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law, accredited by the Law Society of NSW. She is also a National Accreditor Mediator, and specialises in all personal injury disputes, locally and across the state. Emma brings legal excellence, a compassionate approach and common sense to the management of her clients and the Burke Mead firm.

Emma Mead of Burke and Mead Layers advises that when an order is made by the courts, each person bound by the order must follow it.

This can also apply to agreements made in mediation and Guided Separation.

If a person has refused to obey an order about property or financial support made under the Family Law Act 1975, your options include:

  • attending dispute resolution
  • getting legal advice
  • apply to the court for an enforcement order.

Where a financial order has been granted by the courts, a court can order a person to:

  • pay money to another person by a certain time
  • transfer or sell property and/or
  • sign documents.

When a parenting order is made, each person affected by the order must comply with the order.

If you allege another person has not complied with an order, you can:

  • seek legal advice
  • attend family dispute resolution, and/or
  • apply to the courts to have the order enforced.
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