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Our purpose is to make separation and divorce simpler, more manageable and less expensive.

We do this by explaining how divorce and separation works, by helping you choose the best process for you and by connecting you with the right providers.

Start now by taking our free, confidential 5-minute Q&A.

Your own answers will guide you to the right process, and connect you with service providers you need.

Our purpose

There’s a better way to separate

Our data suggests that 98% of separations and divorces don’t need to go to court.

We believe in guiding couples to make their own decisions about what a fair outcome looks like — rather than letting a judge decide.

It’s faster, less costly and less stressful.

All from someone you can trust

The Separation Guide is a free resource hub created by people who believe in:

  • Demystifying the separation process;
  • Fair and equitable outcomes;
  • Court as a last resort;
  • De-escalation;
  • Fair and transparent fees;
  • The highest levels of professional conduct; and
  • The importance of getting the right advice at the right times.

The Q&A and free resources helps people better understand the process and get connected with the help they need.

More about our services


Your separation support crew

Network of specialistsNetwork of specialists

The Separation Guide has brought together a network of experts — who can guide couples through the entire process.

From Mediators, Lawyers and psychologists through to financial advisors and accountants, our independent experts are committed to:

  • Fair and transparent fees
  • The highest levels of professional conduct
  • Giving you more control over your own separation

Join the network

Guiding you through the maze

To find out the right steps, processes and services suitable for your circumstances, start the interactive Q&A now.

Based on your answers you’ll receive an email at the end outlining your options and suggesting the next steps.

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